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Like a King


Like a King opens a portal into a vast and dynamic kingdom, filled with possibilities. To move through this virtual world, get familiar with the controls. The mouse becomes your scepter, guiding your gaze and actions.

About Game

The kingdom is divided into many different regions, each with its own challenges and treasures. A wise ruler plans conquests strategically, considering resources, enemy territory, and potential alliances.

Mastering Combat

In Like a King, battles are the crucible where legends are forged. Engage in combat by left-clicking on your enemies, unleashing a flurry of sword strikes.

Build your Kingdom

A kingdom is not built in a day, but strategic decisions can accelerate the process. Invest in your settlements wisely, focusing on resource-generating buildings and defenses. Your people are the lifeblood of the kingdom; Keep them happy, and they will fuel your ascent.

Creative Tips Fit for a King

1. The economy is your silent army:

  • Prioritize economic growth. A rich kingdom can have the best soldiers, the strongest walls, and the most dangerous weapons.

2. Learn from failure, celebrate victory:

  • Every failure is a lesson, every victory is a memory. Reflect on your failures to refine your strategy and enjoy your victories as trophies of your excellence.

3. Mission: Road to royal wealth:

  • Embark on quests to earn rewards and expand your influence. Not only do they bring wealth, but they also provide an opportunity to demonstrate your leadership abilities.

4. Eyes on the throne, hearts of the people:

  • As a ruler, your ultimate goal is the throne. But remember, a desolate kingdom is no kingdom at all. Balance ambition with compassion.

Like a King takes you into a world where strategy, combat, and diplomacy are intertwined. Navigate this world with skill, learn from every victory and failure, and soon you will sit on the throne, a true king in the digital space.