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Knights vs Orcs


Knights vs Orcs is a game where cunning tactics and brave leadership determine victory or defeat. Gather your army and rewrite the history of this epic battle.

About Game

Embark on a thrilling journey of strategy and courage in Knights vs Orcs, where epic battles unfold and the clash between knights and orcs determines the fate of your kingdom. As the noble commander, your mission is clear: lead your knights to victory by strategically planning every move, upgrading your forces, and decimating the orc horde's castle. Here's your guide to mastering this captivating game.

How to Play Knights vs Orcs


Your primary goal is to annihilate the orc horde by strategically leading your knights and demolishing their castle. The key to success lies in resource management, tactical upgrades, and a well-thought-out strategy.


Knight Movement:

  • Navigate your knights across the battlefield, engaging the orc enemies strategically.

Strategic Placement:

  • Position your knights thoughtfully along the battle lines to effectively repel incoming orc waves.

Upgrade Knights:

  • Utilize resources earned from victories to enhance your knights' abilities. Strengthening your knights is crucial for overcoming formidable enemies.

Destroy Orc Castle:

  • Coordinate your attacks and strategies to focus on the orc castle. Bringing down the castle is your ultimate triumph.

Manage Resources:

  • Efficiently handle your resources to maintain a constant supply of upgraded knights and defensive measures.

Wave by Wave:

  • Brace yourself for waves of orc attacks, each more challenging than the last. Adapt your strategy as the game progresses to ensure triumph.

Features Game

Upgrade System:

  • Enhance your knights' capabilities by investing resources earned during battles.

Challenging Waves:

  • Experience waves of orc attacks that grow progressively more difficult. Adjust your strategy to counter the escalating threat.

Strategic Planning:

Successful gameplay hinges on the effective placement and management of your knights to optimize their defensive prowess. Knights vs Orcs promises an immersive gaming experience where wit and valor are your greatest weapons. As you delve into the world of knights and orcs, remember: the destiny of your kingdom rests on your strategic brilliance. Prepare for an epic clash, and may victory be yours!