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Golf Solitaire


Golf Solitaire is a dynamic card game that challenges players with a unique combination of strategy and precision. Start endless entertainment today!

In the vast landscape of digital card games, Golf Solitaire stands out as a classic and engaging choice for players seeking a blend of strategy and relaxation. Originating from the traditional solitaire family, Golf Solitaire adds a refreshing twist to the familiar format, making it an ideal game for those who enjoy a solo gaming experience.

Game Overview

Launching into a game of Golf Solitaire on your computer is as easy as a swing on a sunny day. The game typically starts with a tableau of cards arranged face-down, except for the top one. Your goal? Uncover and play cards from the tableau onto the foundation, following a numerical sequence. The catch: the cards are arranged in the shape of a golf course.

Mastering the Controls: Navigating the Fairway

1. Left Click:

Reveal face-down cards.
Select and move cards to the foundation.

2. Right Click:

Send a card to the foundation if it's eligible.
Automatically move a card to the foundation if it's the next in sequence.

3. Drag and Drop:

Move a sequence of cards to another column.

4. Undo Button:

Correct a move or rethink your strategy.

5. New Game Button:

Start afresh if the current game poses a challenge.

Playing the Perfect Round: Tips and Tricks

1. Plan Your Moves:

Anticipate the consequences of each move.
Uncover cards strategically to access those buried in the tableau.

2. Empty Columns are Your Friends:

Aim to clear columns as soon as possible.
An empty column provides a strategic advantage in rearranging your tableau.

3. Keep an Eye on the Foundation:

Always know the last card played to the foundation.
Plan your moves around the foundation to avoid dead-end situations.

4. Don't Rush:

Golf Solitaire is a game of strategy, not speed.
Take your time to analyze the tableau and plan your moves.

Mastering the controls and incorporating strategic moves will elevate your gameplay, ensuring each round is a satisfying challenge. So, tee up, click, and enjoy the strategic beauty of Golf Solitaire right from your computer.